book cover of Vedrock


(The third book in the Ravaged series)
A novel by

Torturing Jinx Shade is normal by my rules.

Injecting her with an illegal gene-ripper, just to make her grow that cute tail and those ears?

My claws unsheathe at the sight of this deliciously slinky female.

The OV compulsion has morphed our need to destroy each other into an irresistible pulsating knot.

When I’m forced to flee, I take her with me.

Our path across this planet is filled with ruined cities, treachery, assassins, and Jinx’s luscious rear.

As I follow that rear, I contemplate serenity, and whether I will need implements to train her.


JINX: I hate him, I hate him a

Until I understand why he does what he does, and then I
almost like him. Our attraction evolves and becomes more than mere desire.
If only there wasn’t this problem … I may have been programmed to make him dead.

Can true love flourish in the aftermath of the destruction that is unleashed?
Probably not.

Warning: Contains a villain who discovers he has a heart (though he still likes to knead throats with his claws); steamy naughtiness; ginormous, knobbly, villain accessories; and facepalm moments.