book cover of Tempest And The Warrior

Tempest And The Warrior

(The seventh book in the Unearthly World series)
A novel by

Hurting and angry, Cy, a lone Zargonnii warrior spends years banished from a planet he loves. Home. The word eats his soul. Planet after planet he travels, but there is only one place for him. His ship crashes during a battle with a mind altering Angano alien, landing him on a desolate planet with a human female and her young son. Tempest is his ticket home. Cy knows if he brings her back to his leader and best friend Titus, who banished him, he will be welcomed. The plan was easy: a human female, her son, Angano blood, and an Angano enemy ship. Cy would be welcomed back with open arms. Right? What could go wrong? Everything.
Tempest and her son were abandoned three long years ago by a Tonan warrior, leaving her bitter and betrayed. When a massive alien lands and encourages her to go home with him she is eager to be away with her son from a planet promising only death, yet she is wary. Cy wants something from her, or needs something from her. Is it in her heart to risk another betrayal?

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