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Desirous Memories

A Novella by

Desirous: Two hearts create a world of fantasy - or is it? A mysterious man comes to Tess in her dreams, making love to her in a way no other has. She wakes frustrated and alone. Who is this man and why does she dream of him when she never has before? Her body burns for him and yet his face is but a shadow within her mind. When he vanishes from her dreams, she fears she will go insane. The hand of fate steps in and in an instant she is in the arms of a man who suddenly saves her life - and changes it forever.

Memories: Mia is a very determined bodyguard. Her assignment? An annoying archeologist on the brink of a huge reincarnation discovery, who thinks he doesn't need her protection. When they touch a certain spark flies. Until she tosses the big bad boy onto his behind. Jett isn't sure what the connection to Mia is, but the attraction is there. Their awareness of each other sends them on a startling discovery of enlightenment, heated passion and equally disturbing dangers.

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