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Battle Cry and The Berserker

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There is no escape for Constantine when she is betrothed to the notorious man she has dubbed Lord Horrible. Never before had she set eyes upon the beast but the stories of his battles reached her ears tenfold. Her fear of their wedding night is so great she and her younger sister Juliette set off on a mission. They seek to waylay a man, any man, so Constantine may have her first bedding on her own terms. Her biggest problem is her innocence. An old crone from the village vaguely told her she was to make 'it' pop and the deed would be done once there is blood.
Lord Rory Broc, back from the crusades, finds his coffers empty, squandered by his now deceased father. He begs a boon from the King and is betrothed to a wealthy woman he has never set eyes on. His people fear him, his castle is in near ruin, and his first encounter with his betrothed has him knocked out cold and flat on his back tied to a bed.

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September 2017 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Battle Cry and The Berserker
Author(s): C L Scholey
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