book cover of Arabian Nights

Arabian Nights

(The eighth book in the Riley's Time Travel Adventures series)
A novel by

Forbidden love is often the most intense love…

When Riley’s time machine transports her to modern-day Tunisia, she meets a pretty Arabian girl in a market. Wearing a full-body burqa and escorted by her mother, she’s surprised at how suppressed women’s rights still are in this enlightened age.

Eager to learn more about this captivating muslim girl, she follows the couple to their home, where Riley catches her attention from a bedroom facing the back alley. With Riley able to communicate with her in her native tongue, the two girls soon develop a mutual interest in one another, but Farah’s overly religious father refuses to allow her to leave the house alone.

As the two lovers begin to take greater risks finding private moments together, eventually they’re discovered in the throes of passion. Under Sharia Law, the punishment for the disobedient girl is death by stoning, so Riley must use all of her clever tricks to steal Farah away before they’re separated forever…

Riley’s Time Travel Adventures is a continuing series of erotic short stories where young college student Riley uses her newfound time machine to transport from one historical time and place to another.

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