book cover of Wild King

Wild King

(The eighth book in the Royal Aliens series)
A novel by

My name’s Blaire Wilson. I was born in the saddle.
The old family ranch has fallen on hard times, but I’m not the kind of girl to sell up.
I came to Epona Prime where the best horses in the universe run free.
My goal: to catch a stallion, bring it home, and make a fortune from stud fees.

What I didn’t know before I got here is that all Epona Prime’s horses belong to King Equs, the stallion king.
He conquered his world on horseback, and I’ve just been caught trying to steal one of his favorite mounts.
That makes me a horse rustler, and the penalty for theft on Epona Prime is harsh.
But King Equs takes pity on me, and saves me from the noose.

This harsh warlord king owns me.
He’s going to break me in the old fashioned way.
But I’m one fiery filly who won’t submit without a fight.
I know how to throw a buck when he least expects it - and he knows how to ride me through it.

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