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The Devil's Son

A novel by

Am I a sweet prince, or terrible devil?
Why not both?

My name is Prince Sebastian Force, and my entire family was killed before my eyes.
I would have been slain too if not for the only loyal knight in the castle carrying me off and saving my life.
Sir Lucan is brave, brutal, handsome - and a lot older than me.
He is everything I am not.

I love clothes, jewels, and… men.
But no prince of the Kingdom of Force is suffered to be gay.
I know if Lucan had any idea of the desires I harbor for him he would abandon me immediately.
So I must be strong, even though I am the weakest I have ever been.

Everything has been taken from me.
My family. My castle. My crown.
Now I am hunted like an animal, forced to live like a peasant, and facing certain death if Lucan ever leaves my side.

The knight has no patience for my spoiled tastes. When I defy him, he whips me. Perhaps I should hate him for that, but…
I love him.
I need him.
And I am terrified of what will happen when he discovers who - and what, I really am.

The Devil's Son is a dark MM forbidden love age gap romance set in a fantasy world. Recommended for mature readers only.

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