book cover of Glitch


(A book in the 3013 series)
A Novella by

As the owners of Artane Electronics, Magnus, Nicolo, and Razar Artane have revolutionized the industry with their inventions. They are considered the ultimate visionaries, especially when it comes to creating innovative games. While they aren’t afraid of breaking boundaries or taking chances, the one thing they won’t risk losing is Brielle, the female they can’t seem to live without.

Brielle Lee is a genius in the field of neurotech, but she’s pretty much clueless when it comes to understanding love. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have wasted years crushing on her three insanely hot Krytos bosses when they only see her as a brilliant brain they can order around. At least, that was what she assumed they were doing. But things aren’t always what they seem…

When their new mixed reality game is sabotaged and the Artane brothers’ lives are put in danger, it is time for Brielle to upgrade herself to heroine status. Can she find a way to save them, or will it be game over before they even get a chance to level up?

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