book cover of Thick Beef

Thick Beef

Minotaur Erotica
(A book in the Monster Ever After series)
A novel by

I entered the minotaur run by mistake and got caught. Let’s hope my new mate’s massive sausage won’t tear me in half…

Loan sharks are on my heels. They want to cut out my kidney to pay off my debts, and I run for my life, ending up in a labyrinth somewhere inside a creepy warehouse. There are other women running—and monsters giving chase.
One catches me and proclaims I belong to him. I tell him he’s funny and kick him in the groin.
See, I’d rather get caught by the loan sharks, because they will take just a kidney. This bull-headed, horned monster with a ring in his nose wants all of me. And judging by the size of the thick cut of beef between his legs, I might not survive his advances.

Expect a massive size difference, funny banter, and copious amounts of cream in an appropriate flavor.

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