book cover of Dragon and the Gem

Dragon and the Gem

(The second book in the Misfits of Magic series)
A novel by

Not even the gods can come between a possessive dragon and his beloved mate…

Sapphire Ardesia is a menace to society. At least, that is the official label she’s been given by most of the supernatural community. As one of the few demons allowed to attend Aegis Academy, Sapphire lives her life under constant scrutiny. Being a powerful siren-succubus hybrid means she is either feared or coveted by almost everyone she meets, which is why she is under strict orders to get her powers under control.

With a little help from her misfit friends, Sapphire has finally figured out a way to live a semi-normal life. However, someone doesn’t want her finding peace or reaching her full potential…not until she is under their complete control. Unsure who she can trust, she is more confused than ever when an irresistible dragon forces his way into her life, claiming she belongs to him.

As the Apex Alpha of the Shadow Clan and one of the only dragons still in existence, Raiden Drakas rules over a group of powerful beings with the sole purpose of maintaining justice within the shifter realm. He yearns for a time when all shifters will unite so they can reclaim the glory that had once been stripped from them. But it becomes clear that the only way to accomplish that is to solve his own mystery.

When his quest for answers leads him to Aegis Academy, he is shocked when he comes face to face with his mate. The attraction between him and Sapphire is undeniable, but something is blocking their connection from fully forming. With the fate of the realms hanging in the balance, can they destroy whoever is trying to come between them or will their love be sacrificed for the greater good?

***Although it is recommended you read the series in order, you can be a rebel and skip around if you please. Each book will focus on different MCs, but previous characters will make appearances. This series is intended for a mature audience due to language and content. Do not bother reading if you don’t like fated mates, insta-attraction, and sugary sweet happily ever afters.***

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