book cover of The Black Wolf\'s Wedding

The Black Wolf's Wedding

A novel by

Ivy Bellefonte lived her life not knowing the truth of her legacy. As an artist in San Francisco with latent wolf abilities, she didn't know about. She thought she, her brother and father were safe since they lived and worked under the laws of the five wolf packs that separated the city. As long as they knew on whose ground they stood, life was simple and good. All that changed the night of her gallery opening when she was attacked and the black wolf saved her life. Everyone knew Lazarus Vale's wolf. He was the alpha of his pack and all the other district alphas answered to him. And her gallery opening was in his territory. He was arrogant and egotistical; the man kissed like a dream and made her want more.

Lazarus formally asked for her hand to be his mate and her father accepted. What? Little did Ivy know that long before she was born, the blood that ran through her veins caused her mother's death. And her latent wolf may only have been sleeping until her true mate broke it free of its bonds. As secrets are revealed, Ivy doesn't know who to trust not even in her family. She saw the wicked games that could be played and she was caught in the middle. Could she even trust Lazarus, the black wolf that drove her mad with desire? Was having her as his mate... his love, the only agenda he had?

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