book cover of Blackmailed for the Billionaire\'s Pleasure

Blackmailed for the Billionaire's Pleasure

A novel by

"What do you want?"
He smiled in triumph his lips curling
"I want you" he said softly
Kiras eyes flew open in surprise and confusion

"What?" she said.

Rising he had walked around the desk to stand in front of her, making Kira swallow hard at having him suddenly so close to her. She could feel her whole being jumping in excitement at his long lean body which was now balanced against his desk, his arms folded over his broad chest and his legs crossing at the ankles. He looked relaxed, and yet his face stared down on her with a look which was following her every move.

"I just closed on the deal to buy this place" he gestured with open arms. "I feel like relaxing and unwinding, so I'm taking a few days holiday on my island and was looking for someone to spend it with .... Just something meaningless and casual and there you were.... you seemed to fit the bill perfectly.

He smiled seeing her flinch "I want you to join me, and to be totally at my beck and call for the whole 6 days .... and 5 nights" he added the last part with a flick over her body
Kira looked at him in horror.

"No!" she cried "I won't be your little whore."

His eyes flashed in anger
"You will be or I will destroy Bill Thomson"

Three years ago Craig Kent and Kira Black had spent a whole summer together before, with no warning he had abandoned her, forcing her to return to the UK heartbroken. Now he was blackmailing her to be his mistress for the week, to use her as he saw fit, to be his sex toy. At a loss as to know why he would hate her so much, she had determined not to once more fall for his charms, but despite her best attempts it had not taken long before she was as much in love with him as she had been all those years ago.

But she knew that at the end of the week he would once more throw her to the side just as he had done three years earlier the reason still as much a mystery to her as it had been then. However, Kira had her own secret, one which she would do anything to keep from him.

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