book cover of Unveiling his Hidden Dragon

Unveiling his Hidden Dragon

(Book 11 in the Shifter's Regime series)
A Novella by

Keeping the Peace: After a komodo dragon shifter learns that someone he thought was human is actually a dragon, he becomes obsessed with seeing his true form.

Dakota Drudeson has been working for the Shifter Council for over fifty years. In all that time, he’s believed that dragons—real dragons—either have never been real, or they’d died out centuries before. Imagine his surprise when his boss allows it to slip that dragons are alive, well, and there’s even one working at Shifter Council Headquarters—a dishwasher named Charon, whom Dakota has always thought was human.

Watching Charon every chance he gets, Dakota quickly becomes infatuated with the small male. The fact that his boss has warned him that Charon’s short, slender, blond frame isn’t what he truly looks like doesn’t concern him at all. Even the fact that the man’s smell doesn’t trigger interest from Dakota’s Komodo dragon doesn’t deter Dakota. He wants to earn Charon’s trust and see his dragon.

Due to Dakota’s promise to never reveal that he knows Charon is indeed a dragon, he can’t even explain his odd obsession to his brothers. When Dakota finally gets his chance to admire Charon’s gorgeous, metallic-purple dragon form, the man’s true scent rocks him. Charon is his mate.

So when Dakota reveals himself, why doesn’t Charon recognize him, too?

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