book cover of Trusting the Stallion\'s Pounding Hooves

Trusting the Stallion's Pounding Hooves

A Shifter Novella
A Novella by

Austin Williams mourns his father’s passing even as he wishes he could cuss out the man. Upon reviewing their ranch’s books, he discovers money missing, missed payments, and plenty of debt. Other than a windfall, he’s uncertain how he and his grandfather can dig themselves out of the financial pit his father has created. Discovering where the missing money went helps them a little—new grazing land. His grandfather spotting the impressive cash prizes for winning one of the events at the annual Call of the Wild Rodeo gives Austin hope…if he can place. But ranch work doesn’t stop, and while attempting to catch a cow in need of medical attention, he takes a tumble from his gelding. Austin wakes to the sight of a naked man leaning over him, who claims to be Smokey Quartz, the wild stallion he’d seen at a distance while moving cattle. His attraction to the man is off the charts, and he wants to believe Smokey isn’t a product of his imagination, especially when he claims they’re soul mates. Except, Austin already has so much on his plate. Can Austin come to grips with his changing reality and accept Smokey’s offer for love and companionship while still figuring out how to save his home?
Reader Advisory: This story was originally offered as part of the Haunt of the Beast 2020 Giveaway. No changes have been made.

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