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Award-winning author of over forty popular books and stories in paranormal, historical, and contemporary romance, Cindy Spencer Pape is an avid reader of romance, fantasy, mystery, and even more romance. According to The Romance Studio, her plots are full of twists and turns that keep the reader poised at the edge of their seat. Joyfully Reviewed said, her colorful characters and plot building surprises kept me spellbound, and Romantic Times says her characters are appealing, and passionate sex leads to a satisfying romance.
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Greek Love
   1. Dragon in the System (2007)
   2. Djinni and the Geek (2009)
   3. Teach Me (2008)
Heroes of Stone
   1. Stone and Earth (2008)
   2. Stone and Sea (2008)
   3. Stone and Fire (2009)
   4. Stone and Sky (2009)
   Between a Rock and a Hard-on (2009)
   Three for All (2009)
   Stone Heroes (2010)
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Immortal Cravings
   1. Exploring Ari (2009)
   2. Dani's Demons (2010)
   3. Just for Jess (2010)
   Immortal Cravings (2012)
Holiday Hearts
   1. Yuletide Enchantment (2009)
   2. Like Bunnies (2010)
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   One Good Man (2008) (with Lacey Thorn)
   Wrong Side of Town (2011)
   Sea Change (2015)
   Tantalizing Treats (2008) (with Chris Anson, Lolita Lopez, Amy Ruttan, Lacey Savage and Brigit Zahara)
   Wild Wayback Nights (2008) (with Sylvie Kaye, Judith Rochelle and Rita Thedford)
   Jewels of the Nile III (2008) (with Solange Ayre, Jory Strong, Lacey Thorn, Elayne S Venton and Rowan West)
   Flavors of Ecstasy Vol.1 (2009) (with Solange Ayre, Talya Bosco, Kristin Daniels, Debra Glass and Desiree Holt)
   Mistletoe Magic (2009) (with Regina Carlysle and Desiree Holt)
   Carnal Reunions (2010) (with Tessie Bradford, Paris Brandon, Regina Carlysle, Anny Cook, Fran Lee and Taylor Tryst)
   Beltaine Bargain (2007)
     aka Beltane Lion
   Marry Me, Marietta (2009)
   Georgie and the Dragon (2009)
   Awakening Augusta (2010)
   Where There's Smoke (2016)
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Series contributed to
Mistletoe Magic
   3. Whispers of Magic (2008)
   4. Elven Magic (2008) (with Regina Carlysle and Desiree Holt)
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Texas Passions
   2. Eagle's Redemption (2010)
   Texas Passions (omnibus) (2012) (with Regina Carlysle and Desiree Holt)
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