book cover of Meshing with the Gargoyle

Meshing with the Gargoyle

(Book 38 in the Paranormal's Love series)
A Novella by

Into the Paranormal World: Aaron never saw it coming when his wife betrays him, so he wonders if the want and need he sees in the dark eyes of a monster could possibly be real.

When Aaron Boltson discovers his wife cheating on him, he thinks his life is over—romantically, anyway. He can’t imagine trusting another that way. Even flings don’t sound good. Licking his wounds do, though. After all, if a woman who’s supposed to love him unconditionally can’t stand to touch his fat body, how could anyone else?

Her words, sure, but Aaron can’t seem to get them out of his mind.

Aaron reaches out to his younger brother, Aziel, needing to get away. Aziel immediately books him a room in Durango, near where he still lives, and welcomes him with open arms. After a few days of vegging and relaxing, Aaron opens his door to Melanie—his soon-to-be ex-wife—who begins begging for reconciliation. Shocked, Aaron is grateful for Aziel’s intervention.

Aziel rushes Aaron to a barbeque at the estate where he lives, but a gathering with lots of strangers—even welcoming ones—who are all in lovey-dovey partnerships is a little hard to stomach. Aaron retreats to a gorgeous garden maze maintained at the estate. From there, he takes refuge in the forest. Becoming lost, Aaron stumbles across the most stunning fairy-tale cottage he’s ever seen.

When a monster appears, Aaron would have forever denied fainting... except he wakes in a bedroom with Aziel by his side. His brother reminds him of stories told by their long-deceased mother... things he had never thought to be true, and gives the monster a name—Grimley. Days later, as Aaron’s memories of the beast plague him, he wonders why thoughts of searching for the reclusive Grimley seem far more compelling than returning his wife’s urgent phone calls? Even with Aziel’s tales of love, devotion, and companionship whispering in his ear, Aaron wonders what on earth he would possibly do if he actually spotted the beast again... other than faint a second time?

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