book cover of Calling On The Reaper

Calling On The Reaper

(The first book in the Reapers series)
A novel by


Fifteen years ago, I was called to reap her soul. Instead, I took her abusers. I was sent away for it—for protecting her. For saving her.

But now I’m back.

A part of me hates her for making me get sent away, but a bigger part of me can’t shake this connection I feel to her.

Reapers aren’t meant to have souls. We lose them when we die. But why does it feel like my soul is connected to hers? Why does it feel like she was made specifically for me? And why do I want to keep her tethered to me for eternity?

She’s reckless and puts herself in dangerous situations, and I should be pissed at her for constantly playing with Death. But I’m not.

I’m obsessed with her.


Fifteen years ago, he saved me. I was supposed to die that night, but he took my stepfather instead. I spent the next decade and a half flirting with Death to see him again. I want to die, not because I hate my life—quite the opposite—but because I need him.

I need Grim.

It’s not until I start getting black roses left on my doorstep by a stalker that I start to wonder if I shouldn’t have been so reckless with my life. If maybe I should have been more careful about the men I let into my apartment.

It’s too late now, though. Because my stalker is escalating, and with a serial killer on the loose, maybe I’ll finally get to see Grim again.

Author's Note: This is a DARK ROMANCE. Please check the author's website for a full list of warnings.
Please read with caution.

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