book cover of The Fixer\'s Enforcer

The Fixer's Enforcer

(Book 35 in the Paranormal's Love series)
A Novella by

Into the Paranormal World: After a vampire fixer returns to his coven at his master’s behest, he meets his beloved... in a gargoyle so strait-laced, he doesn’t know what Fate is thinking.

Salem Galdesque was busy doing a favor for one of Master Krispin’s allies when the news of several beloveds in his home coven reaches his ears. He’s happy for them even as he snickers at the shackles it places upon them. As his coven’s fixer, he could only imagine the trouble such a bond would cause to his own life. Salem loves being able to solve a problem by any means necessary—whether it be by a payoff, seduction, or a good, old-fashioned beat-down... and maybe even more—and answering to a beloved would be nothing but a headache. His tactics makes his job easy, not to mention fun. When Salem is called home to the Maven coven, he meets the gargoyle Keefe and realizes Fate has bestowed upon him a rather dubious gift—Keefe is his beloved. After just a couple of encounters, Salem knows that between Keefe’s serious need to color inside the lines and Salem’s own prevalence toward shades of gray, their different outlooks will cause nothing but problems. Still, Keefe is Salem’s beloved, and he knows he only gets one, so they come to an agreement—no talking shop with each other. When they both uncover leads regarding the hunters troubling the Maven coven, can they figure out how to work together, or will their issues tear not only them apart, but the coven as well?

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