book cover of Famine\'s Foursome

Famine's Foursome

(Book 25 in the Loving Nip series)
A Novella by

Enforcer Knossis Raund doesn’t know why Fate has forsaken him. He meets his mate, only to discover she’s a happily married woman in a great marriage with several kids. Refusing to bring heartbreak to the family, Knossis seeks out the one thing he can think of that will allow him to still have a sex life—a vampire’s bite. As a vampire wrangler, Chissom Minscote is confident in his abilities. He knows Knossis expects to be bitten by a female vampire. Except, none are available, and the handsome shifter is desperate to feel…something. Chissom is happy to help. Hank Everly is a human who’s been working as a donor for over ten years. He loves the thrill of the bite, but he knows never to get attached. When Chissom asks Hank to help him show a lonely and heartbroken shifter a relaxing evening, he’s happy to help the handsome pair. An unexpected attack, a myriad of injuries, and the intervention of a Horseman of the Apocalypse bring the trio to a crossroads—accept the bond of Famine so they can bring their attackers to justice or die. Can the group learn to care for and trust each other as they unweave the twisting plot against them?

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