book cover of The Early Amina

The Early Amina

(Book 26 in the Loving Nip series)
A Novella by

Just a little Love Bite: When a demon runs across his amina early, he searches for a way to secure an early bond.

As a demon under the Horseman of Famine, Beltine enjoyed helping his horseman take out a coven of witches. It was a wonderful change of pace—doing something other than spreading famine upon different areas of the human plane. When Famine teams up with his brothers to track down a dangerous and mysterious artifact, Beltine is happy—and honored—to be chosen to help. Their information takes them to an exotic animal rescue facility in the mountains of Idaho. Upon getting there, they discover that some of the animals aren’t animals—they’re shifters trapped in animal form. What really shocks Beltine is that one of the males is his amina—his soul. Except, Beltine is still a couple of decades away from his thousandth birthday. Still, once his amina—Kavan—finally returns to his human form, Beltine finds himself just like any other paranormal. He wants what the Moirai have deemed his. With his time in service to Famine not yet up, as well as trouble still on the horizon, Beltine isn’t certain what his best move is. Will even the help of his horseman be enough to find an answer?

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