book cover of Cuddling with a Coyote

Cuddling with a Coyote

(Book 61 in the Wolves of Stone Ridge series)
A novel by

Out of the Cage: While doing a favor for the leader of a wolf shifter pack, a spec ops soldier makes the discovery of a lifetime.

After having been illegally experimented on by a shadow branch of the military bent on creating the perfect super soldier, Ulrick Lanston needed a place to relearn himself. Not only did they bond him with a massive jaguar, allowing him to turn into the cat at will, they’d messed with his brain, taking away his free will. After losing his handler and ending up at loose ends, Ulrick tracked down an old army acquaintance he could trust. That led him to Alpha Declan’s wolf shifter pack, and he’s been hiding out with them for over a year. They’ve helped him come to grips with the changes made to him, teaching him how to become one with the animal now living within him.

When Alpha Declan asks Ulrick to sneak into the territory of a coyote shifter pack to look for a missing pack member, he can’t say no. While doing reconnaissance, Ulrick runs across the prettiest coyote he’s ever seen. His jaguar wants to rub all over the wonderful-smelling shifter, marking him as his own. Ulrick knows what that means. His cat has decided the coyote is his mate.

Can Ulrick win the affections of the skittish coyote shifter and bring him home with him while still fulfilling his mission for Declan?

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