book cover of The Tutor

The Tutor

A Novella by

Paige was having a hard time with Business Finance when Jacob pointed out her error. At first irritated, she grudgingly thanked him, and then he offered to help her out with the course material. Paige is wary, of course. Beautiful girls are always being offered ‘help’ from guys, and they know what guys want in payment. But she’s desperate. Jacob is so not what she wants in a guy. They share no interests and she considers him a half-socialized nerd. But he is a whiz at math, and, surprisingly, can draw things startlingly well.

He maneuvers her into letting him draw her and things soon take a breathless turn. Before she knows it Paige is being subjected to Jacob’s weird, nerdy bondage fantasies, which, shocking her completely, make her burn with excitement like nothing else she’s ever experienced! She’s not particularly turned on by Jacob, and certainly not by his nerdy friends. But the wicked dark fantasies they create for her make her more helpless than their ropes and chains, and leave her awash in passion, hunger, heat, and pleasure!

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