book cover of How to Date a Rockstar

How to Date a Rockstar

(The third book in the Bad Boys of Rock series)
A novel by

Get ready to toss your panties on stage — it’s gonna get wild!


After being burned one too many times, I’d sworn off men for good. And, it was working. My life was finally on an even keel.

As soon as I saw him, I knew he was Trouble. I was instantly attracted to him and that pissed me off, so I decided to take my frustrations out on the arrogant stranger with the sexy Scottish accent. We clashed like thunder and lightning, and I was fairly certain I was winning our verbal battle until…

Surprise! My mother showed up. From across the country. And assumed that the sexy Scotsman was my boyfriend. The fake boyfriend I’d invented to get her off my back.


Fake dating the feisty and breathtakingly gorgeous Summer was no hardship. I played along for the sake of her mother, spending a weekend at a luxurious spa with Summer and her parents. Though Summer was fiercely determined to keep her distance from me, I was even more determined to get her into my bed.

My plan was to seduce her, but it turned out all along, she was seducing me. Despite my no commitment vow, I fell hard for the sassy lass. But when she discovered that I wasn't who I said I was, everything fell apart.

Grab your backstage pass to meet the boys of Ghost Parker and get ready for an electrifying tale of passion, betrayal, and the healing power of love. Turn up the volume and prepare to be utterly consumed by this rockstar romance — a steamy and erotic tale of mistaken identity, fake dating, and enemies becoming lovers. Lose yourself in this glittering story of deception, desire, and the redemptive power of love amidst the chaos of stardom.

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