book cover of Lotus Blooming

Lotus Blooming

(The third book in the Fallen Gods series)
A novel by

Fallen Gods - Lotus Blooming By Lorie O'Clare Book 3 in the Fallen Gods series. Priapus, the god of fertility, knows humans on Earth no longer believe in him. Forgotten, abandoned, his name and attributes little more than the whispers of legend, his days of being worshipped are over. When he encounters Thena Cooke - feisty, stubborn and sexy as hell - the urge to make her want to adore him is too strong to ignore. Thena Cooke isn't just another human, though. Her skills in witchcraft are strong, her nature gentle, and her sex appeal more distracting than the strongest spell. But Thena is not a woman who falls at the feet of any man - or god. As powerful as she might be, when she tries to take on demons in her hometown Priapus knows she's in over her head. Now all he has to do is convince her that she needs his help. But more than that, he needs to convince her that she needs him - all of him. And Priapus has a lot to offer - more than any other man could ever give her.

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