book cover of Jaded Prey

Jaded Prey

(The second book in the Fallen Gods series)
A novel by

Book II in the Fallen Gods series. What's a horny god to do when the fiery little mortal lady who has all his senses twitching won't give him the time of day? His powers don't impress her, and neither does his hot car or palatial home. Merco does have one weapon though, and it has nothing to do with the "artillery" he's least not in the beginning. When Naomi attends a coven meeting, the last thing she expects is to meet a guy who is hot enough to be a god-Greek, Roman or anything else. He's hot enough to sizzle her synapses with just a look, let alone a touch. If only he wasn't an arrogant, pushy jerk! When the demon that has been haunting her sleep slips into her waking hours, making her life a living hell, the last person on Earth she expects to come to her rescue is Mr Tall Dark and Dangerous from the coven. When Merco realizes how desperately Naomi needs him, the battle for her body quickly turns into a fight for her heart and soul.

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