book cover of Leo


(The fifth book in the Daddies of the Shadows series)
A Novella by


After his wife and the mother of his children passed away, Leo Javier believed he would never be whole again. Although he has found peace through the love of his family,there's still something missing. And only when she’s around does that hole seem to be filled. She calls to him in a way he’s never felt before. Not even with his late wife. His Daddy side wants to protect her and take care of her but would she accept him in that role? And, most important, does he have enough room in his heart to love another woman?


After her cheating husband left her, Claire never wanted to be involved with a man again. She had tried so hard, given up so much and she was just never good enough. But after watching her daughter blossom in her new and unusual relationship, Claire wondered what it would be like to have someone that she could also call Daddy, someone who would look at her like she was the most precious thing in the world. There's only one Daddy she has in mind, though, and she doesn’t think she could ever measure up to his late wife.

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