book cover of The Virgin and the Beast

The Virgin and the Beast

(The first book in the Stud Ranch series)
A novel by

They say good things come to those who wait.
My whole life has been about waiting. Playing it safe. Be the good girl, don’t color outside the lines.
Put in the hard work trying to prove myself to Dad, then to my college professors, then to my boss at New World Media. Just waiting for the day when it will all pay off.
And right when it was all starting to—I finally had the house, the job, I was even thinking about getting a cat—boom!—my life explodes and suddenly now I’m here and—
“All done,” the doctor interrupts my thoughts, pulling off her gloves with a loud snap.
Even from the bed where I’m lying, my legs spread like the Thanksgiving turkey, I can hear the impatient growl of the man standing in the doorway.
If you can even call him a man. More like a
beast out of a friggin’ fairytale.
“Well?” Her pronouncement echoes throughout the room while the speculum is still inside me.
“She’s a virgin.”

Intended for mature audience. Steamy romance with dark themes.

Q – Where did you get the idea for this book?
A – Who doesn’t love a Beauty and the Beast story? I’ve been in love with this fairytale since I was a kid and read all sorts of different variations on it. Now that I’m grown up, well, I couldn’t help but imagining some darker twists and turns the story could take. A tortured hero, kidnap, and a girl falling for her captor—hello, this is the stuff dark romance is made of!

Q – Why should I read this book?
A – I write the kind of books I love to read, which is dark romantic erotica. I want stories that steam things up in the bedroom but not if those scenes don’t go hand in hand with three-dimensional characters, can’t-stop-flipping-the-pages suspense, and quality writing. I like alpha males, (doesn’t hurt if they happen to be billionaires)!, bad boys, BDSM, contemporary, urban settings, and fiction where women can be strong while also exploring all sides of their sexuality. My favorite books are ones that dare to go into the darkest and most taboo places in the human psychological experience, leaving you wrung out on the other end.

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