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The Alien's Concubine

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Something had happened to streetwise orphan turned forensic anthropologist on loan from the Dade Museum of Human History, Dr. Gabrielle LaPlante, when an accident of fate had forced her to spend the night in the ceremonial chamber of Anka in an ancient city she'd been helping to unearth on a dig in South America. What Gaby didn't know was that she had helped to unearth much more than the city that had been buried so long it lingered in no living memory . . . she'd awoken an alien being.

Anka is enthralled by the modern woman the moment he awakens and discovers her, but he had determined long ago that he would never allow himself to be moved by one of them to help again unless he found that they were truly worthy. Was she worthy of the gift he was inclined to give her? Would she cherish it as it should be cherished? And would he be able to escape their encounter with his heart in tact? In all the time he had interacted with her kind, no one, not one had asked him for the gift she had demanded of him. They had begged for riches. They had asked for power. They had pleaded for fruitfulness. They had wanted all manner of 'things' and petitioned him for those gifts they thought would bring them happiness and fulfillment. And yet when he asked her to tell him her heart's desire, offered to give her whatever that was, she had not asked for what he had expected. She had said 'you'.

Gaby had done much more than awaken him, she'd aroused something within him that he had long forgotten ... hunger. He follows her back to the U.S. and decides to take her as his concubine - the chosen one to bear his child. He discovers, however, that it is an honor she does not seem to fully appreciate.

Previously published as Breeding Ground

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