book cover of Zoey


(The first book in the Dr. Richards' Littles series)
A Novella by

At 24, Zoey has struggled for several years to pay off her mother's hospital bills. While living in her car and working at a restaurant have been challenges, Zoey maintains a cheerful and optimistic attitude. Two endearing customers alert Zoey Geller to a job opportunity that changes her life. Jon and Cecily have a very different relationship in which Jon appears to be more of a father than a husband. Zoey is the only waitress in the diner who enjoys serving them. The others are uncomfortable interacting with the age-play couple. When Cecily suggests that Zoey would be a perfect companion of her physician, Jon agrees and encourages Zoey to contact Dr. Richards.

Calamities occur as Zoey attempts to get to her interview and Dr. Richards rescues the petite blonde from a night in the rain. Dr. Richards treats her injuries with the methods he uses with all his Little patients: thorough examinations, rectal thermometers, and medicines including suppositories and enemas. Zoey soon learns that Dr. Richards is looking for a companion who will be his Little (an adult that lives as a child.) She will be required to follow his directions, use diapers, and allow him to treat her medical needs. Zoey is soon introduced to his age-play patients and their parents as his daughter and a whole new world opens up for her.

This complete novel introduces a series of books featuring Dr. Richards' patients and their parents. The books in this series will feature invasive medical treatments including thorough examinations and enemas when required as well as diaper changes, bottle feedings, spankings, and other punishments. If you are offended by any of these or by age-play, this is not the book or series for you.

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