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(The first book in the G-Spot 2: The Seven Deadly Sins series)
A novel by

Sequel to G-Spot, the #1 National Bestselling Urban Erotic Tale.

Juicy-Mo Stanfield is back and she's still the hottest chick in Harlem!

Harlem hasn’t been the same since the notorious Granite “G” McKay was brutally murdered in a back room of the G-Spot Social Club. In the aftermath, not only has G’s massive cache of doe gone missing, but Juicy has skipped town with Gino…G’s very own son!

And now Ace and Pluto, two of G’s most gutter henchmen, are hell-bent on finding the enormous pile of greenbacks that G stashed away while building his grimy empire. To make things worse, Money-Making Monique, the G-Spot’s top stripper and Juicy’s sexy, conniving rival, is hell-bent on getting some payback of her own. Can Juicy and Gino find happiness as they try to build a new life together? Or will mayhem, murder, and the bitter wrath of the streets track them down to get what’s due?

Find out more in…
Pride: The 1st Deadly Sin

The Urban Erotic Serial Saga Begins!

From Pride: The 1st Deadly Sin


This here ain’t no romance
It’s an urban erotic tale
When things got hot in Harlem
Gino and Juicy had to bail
They headed west to Cali
Where the sun shines everyday
But back at home a plot was brewing
To send their plans astray
They dipped real quick, but they weren’t slick
They could run, but they couldn’t hide
Check your ego at the door
’Cause the 1st Deadly Sin is PRIDE!

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