book cover of Cursed Pack

Cursed Pack

(The second book in the Troubled Mates series)
A novel by

Two misfits with little in common…

The paranormal species have come out to humans, creating havoc and unease, but Princess Malikah doesn’t care. She’s too busy trying to survive the foreign world in which she and her fellow gargoyles have arrived by mistake. Several youngsters in their fledgling clan have succumbed to a mystery disease, and the adult gargoyles blame her. She can’t find a job, and they’re surviving on handouts. Malikah has no time for the annoying wolf who follows her when her entire world is imploding and she’s making one mistake after another.

Werewolf scientist Seth’s life is in upheaval. Honor dictates that he steals a formula with potentially dire consequences for his fellow wolves, his werewolf boss is hunting him without mercy, and he’s developed weird, stalkerish tendencies, trailing an attractive woman around the city like a lost puppy. Then, there are the peculiar dreams, which make no sense. Yeah, he’s losing his mind.

Malikah is understandably wary when Seth approaches her, but they have more in common than they realize. Their uneasy truce grows into friendship and more, but fate is a fickle witch, and she has other plans to test the unlikely pair.

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