book cover of Rock-A-Bye Babies In Space

Rock-A-Bye Babies In Space

(The fifth book in the Purple People series)
A novel by

The Kadian Guardians have crash-landed on their mommy's old planet, Earth.They need to be rescued, so the daddies of their beloved purple planet are off to save the day. But can they really save lives without the help of their own little space babies?

Freijians: Self-proclaimed heroes; discoverers of the beloved babies in space.

There is a new mission for the cousins of those infamous Freijians who discovered a dead planet with an orbiting pod of beings in stasis. Unfortunately for the two-man team, the Kadian Guardians, their vessel crash lands on Planet Earth.

Earth: The wayward, backward planet from which the world has discovered houses prolific, fertile females. The planet from which the female mates to the Freijians have come.

Melissa Twining may come from a small, rebellious town in Wyoming, but she knows aliens exist. And she knows two handsome ones have touched down on her land. Unfortunately, so does the local sheriff.

Torrington, Wyoming: A rendezvous point for drop-off and retrieval of dangerous aliens. The one town on Planet Earth that is not yet ready to accept the existence of other beings and other galaxies.

Now the captain and first commander of Helian Six must rescue the Guardians from the rendezvous point of Torrington, Wyoming. Things never go as smoothly as planned when naughty purple babies stowaway on the ship.

* Book 5 in the Purple People Series. The stories will be richer if you read the previous stories. What's gone on before:

Book 1: The crew of Helian Six found a stasis capsule in space with waking inhabitants. There were nineteen tiny purple beings aboard - to match his crew of nineteen warriors. It was a sign they needed to find mates and rear the small ones. It worked out to their advantage that a passing vessel contained nineteen teachers of the species Human and needed kidnapping. Er, rescuing. Those teachers - with the magical number of nineteen - agreed to stay.

Book 2: With the planet now established, Hesprii becomes a land of envy. A personal request from their own Ambassador requires Helian Six to harbor more refugee females. However, the Ambassador has his own agenda. He intends to woo the leader of those females. No one realizes that one of them loses her marbles and drugs the inhabitants of the planet in order to steal their adorable purple offspring.

Book 3: Once the offspring are safe and the Ambassador is married off to Mother Pariah, the four leftover refugees must be hidden from their own fellow Freijian bounty hunters. Fortunately for all, the bounty hunters take the sweet and no longer pure females off their hands. And that is our story to date! (There is a short novel entitled TiTi telling of our favorite baby's trip into the future which is considered Book 4.

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Book 3 - Baby Butterfly Kisses

Book 4 - TiTi

Book 5 - Rock-A-Bye Babies In Space

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