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Baby Soldiers In Space

(The second book in the Purple People series)
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The Space Babies saga has been determined: They're people, not pets. Continue on the journey with Baby Soldiers In Space.

Helian Six has it made. Their own planet, lifemates, and kids. Not bad for a species who were born in vats - to emerge full grown with designated careers dependent upon specifically implanted personality traits.

What used to be friendly competition has turned into jealousy, and everyone is scrambling to be accepted onto their planet to live the good life. Now, the Helian Six crew, with their updated promotions, can afford to be picky about who goes or stays.

However, a personal request from the Supreme Commander has all but ordered acceptance of a new breed of female. The leader, with her steadfast ways, nurturing heart, and fuzzy unibrow, has caught the Ambassador's finicky eye. The poor crew members of Helian Six have been warned to give these refugee females everything they may need.

Unfortunately, they can't share with their hormonally moody mates why they're giving extra attention to the hairy bunch.

* This is book 2 in the Purple People Series. Future stories will be richer if you read the previous one! What's gone on before:

The crew of Helian Six found a stasis capsule in space with waking inhabitants. There were nineteen tiny purple beings aboard - to match his crew of nineteen warriors. It was a sign they needed to find mates and rear the small ones. It worked out to their advantage that a passing vessel contained nineteen teachers of the species Human and needed kidnapping. Er, rescuing. Those sexy teachers agreed to stay with our humble Freijian warriors.

And that is our story to date!

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October 2017 : USA, Australia, Canada, UK Kindle edition

Title: Baby Soldiers In Space (Purple People Book 2)
Author(s): Rena Marks
Publisher: Terran Publishing
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