book cover of His Little Morganite

His Little Morganite

(The eighth book in the Eleadian Mates series)
A novel by

It’s Ava’s turn to find out what it means to have a Papi of her own.

Ava has it all. Great job. Great friends. Great apartment. She’s also got a body men drool over, and she knows it. She’s a little-black dress, high heels, perfect makeup kind of gal. She’s pretty bored with her life though, so who cares if a trip to Club Zoom finds her chosen by an Eleadian male?

As a science fiction author, Ganrax spends his days sequestered in his office. He hasn’t had much of a social life for years. It’s time to make changes, starting with procuring a mate, a Little girl would liven things up and bring him out of his shell.

Ava’s heart nearly beats out of her chest when her best friend is instantly chosen by one of the tallest men she’s ever seen. In a near panic, it takes her a while to realize Mia isn��t the only one of them who will be leaving Earth tonight. The blond giant blocking Ava from getting to her friend is also sucking the oxygen out of the room, and when he touches her, she knows her life is about to undergo a drastic change.

Prepare to travel through the stars only if you’re brave enough to learn about oversized Papis and survive their very intimate care.

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