book cover of Season Of Love

Season Of Love

A Novella by

Clayton Phelps wants to master the Seven Principles of Kwanzaa in order to honor the holiday. Okay, actually to impress his live-in lover’s father.

Roselyn’s dad, Bishop Bellamy has never been too keen on his daughter living with a white man and if wasn’t for the fact he was madly in love with Roselyn, Clayton wouldn’t care less about winning the closed-minded man’s approval. But he Is, so he does what any man would, he tries to persuade Bishop by taking on their family holiday tradition.

Roz is done with Kwanzaa. Although she loves her family dearly, she’s ready to start a few traditions of her own. She loves Clayton for trying, but his happiness is more important to her than her father’s.

Still, Clayton persists with his Kwanzaa plans. He knows how important family is to Roz and he’s going to do everything in his power to make this a holiday she doesn’t forget — in public and in private. There are seven principals and therefore seven days to convince Bishop of his devotion to Roz and her family, because on the seventh day Clayton plans to ask for her hand in marriage.

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