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Lethal Retaliation

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Melinda Leader is in BIG trouble. There have been a lot of ladies who’ve tried to manhandle my balls in the past, but none who have actually tried to cut them off. I don’t think many blokes would be amused, and most would probably retaliate by putting a bullet in her brain. There’s just one problem. I can’t. I promised Lois I wouldn’t. Now I’ve got to make this mess go away. How in hell do I do that? Marriage. The first suspect is nearly always the wife, right?


I need to find Adrien and finish what I started. This time I’ll settle for a quick kill, or at least, I tell myself I will. Unfortunately, the man is proving almost impossible to find. I thought this would be over in a week, but when Adrien wants to lie low, he virtually disappears. Thankfully, James helps out and lets me in on a little secret. The price of this information is high, though. I’m not allowed to kill him. Hmm. There are worse things than death.