book cover of Brutal Submission

Brutal Submission

A novel by

Warning: This dark mafia romance is an enemies-to-lovers romance with revenge, morally grey characters and Omegaverse elements. Full list of triggers listed inside. Read at your own risk.

She tried to assassinate me, the merciless head of a ruthless crime syndicate. That takes guts.

But she made a big mistake: she failed to take me out. Now I'm going to break her.

That secret she doesn't want me to know? I know.

She's an omega. And I'm an Alpha. Which is bad news for her.

Because her body belongs to me now.

Whether she wants to or not, she will submit. And when she does, I'll be there to lick her tears, savor her trembling, and dominate her senseless.

Note: This the first book in an ongoing series. It is not for the faint of heart and contains many explicit scenes.

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