book cover of Blood like Whiskey

Blood like Whiskey

A Novella by

***Warning, contains a whole 'lotta sexy time, including ancient vampire male and female on mature human male action and a threesome that will blow your mind. ***

After spending hundreds of years alone, focused only on her revenge, Lisabetta has finally vanquished her enemies and built an empire that will allow her to live out eternity as a vampire in comfort. No longer focused only on revenge, Lisabetta finds herself alone and dealing with the consequences of shutting down her emotions until her heart became encased in ice. Sargon, her Maker, an ancient and powerful vampire who'd been a king during his mortal years, has loved her from the moment he laid eyes on her, but she still fears him too much to allow herself to love him in return.

Drifting now without a purpose, Lisabetta finds herself yearning for something more, something special, and she finds it one night while hunting for her next donor at a night club. One look at the older, experienced Taylor and she knows that somehow this rough and ready cowboy belongs to her, but their love can never happen. Lisabetta refuses to make another vampire, but when she discovers that all is not quite as it seems and that Sargon will do whatever it takes to make her happy, even allowing a mortal man to challenge his claim on her heart.

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