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Report for Punishment

A Novella by

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Part One: The last thing Sarah expects when she comes home for the holidays is to find a card carrying spanko staying in her old bedroom. She hasn't seen Craig in years and tries to ignore her renewed feelings for her childhood crush, who happens to be all grown up now. Resistance proves futile though, when he's suddenly scolding her, calling her young lady, and paddling her bare bottom bright red for getting sassy with him.

The magic of the holidays, as well as their mutual love for all things spanking, bring Sarah and Craig closer than ever. But New Year's is fast approaching and everyone will be going home soon. Can they make a long distance relationship work, or will the attempt only lead to more heartache for Sarah?

Part Two: Newlyweds Craig and Sarah Jane are trying to enjoy their first few months as husband and wife, but a series of strange break-ins in their new neighborhood puts a strain on their relationship. Craig expects his wife to obey his safety rules, but she rebels when his overprotective ways get under her skin. Her rebellion earns her a soundly spanked bottom on more than one occasion.

Sarah Jane loves her husband and the dynamic of their domestic discipline relationship, but obeying is hard when Craig won't even let her join the new neighborhood watch, even though many of the other neighborhood women volunteer. She is certain the vandal on the loose isn't a terrible danger, probably just a teenager causing some mischief. Craig disagrees and insists she remain vigilant while he's at work and not do anything foolish to put herself in danger.

The neighborhood watch seems to keep the vandal away and all is quiet for a few weeks, until Sarah spots someone lurking behind the bushes in her backyard, and the man she witnesses stealthily crawling over fences is no stranger!