book cover of Taming Their Pet

Taming Their Pet

(The third book in the Captive Brides series)
A novel by

Theirs to Tame. Theirs to Train.

When the scheming of her father's political enemies makes it impossible to continue hiding the fact that she is an unauthorized third child, 20-year-old Isabella Bedard is sent to a detainment facility in deep space where she will be prepared for her new life as an alien's bride.

Her situation is made far worse after some ill-advised mischief forces the strict warden to ensure that she is sold as quickly as possible, and before she knows it, Isabella is standing naked before two huge, roughly handsome alien men, helpless and utterly on display for their inspection. More disturbing still, the men make it clear that they are buying her not as a bride, but as a pet.

Zack and Noah have made a career of taming even the most headstrong of females, and they waste no time in teaching their new pet that her absolute obedience will be expected and even the slightest defiance will earn her a painful, embarrassing bare-bottom spanking, along with far more humiliating punishments if her behavior makes it necessary.

Over the coming weeks, Isabella is trained as a pony and as a kitten, and she learns what it means to fully surrender her body to the bold dominance of two men who will not hesitate to claim her in any way they please. But though she cannot deny her helpless arousal at being so thoroughly mastered, can she truly allow herself to fall in love with men who keep her as a pet?

Publisher's Note: Taming Their Pet is a stand-alone novel which is the third book in the Captive Brides series. It includes spankings and sexual scenes. If such material offends you, please don't buy this book.

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