book cover of Things That Go Bump in the Night I

Things That Go Bump in the Night I

A collection of stories by

Naughty Nancy I" by Jaid Black: prologue of Things That Go Bump In The Night. "Bloodlust" by Marilyn Lee: Schoolteacher Erica Kalai is always warning her female students against letting teenage boys sweet talk them into bed. But on her 40th birthday, she encounters a man dressed as her favorite anti-hero, Dracula. One look at the younger, strangely compelling giant, and Erica is soon out of her clothes and into his arms. It won't take her long to figure out, however, that she's put herself into the clutches of a real Dracula... "A Little Too Charming" by Treva Harte: Janna doesn't believe in magic, or witches, or fate, or even love anymore. Such fairy tales as romance are for women who don't have to live in the real world. What she'd really like is some hot sex just to satisfy her hormones. Once Jana gets a good look at Ted Grimes she has a very hard time keeping her mind on business. He practically kisses her senseless before he even says hello. Something really weird is going on. Is Ted her destiny? Or is this man who's reputed to be a witch just A Little Too Charming... "Naughty Nancy II - Book 4 & 1/2: Trek Mi Q'an" by Jaid Black: (Can be read without reading its predecessors.) Nancy Lombardo is determined to become a new woman. No more wearing spectacles, no more pulling her hair back into a tight spinsterish bun, and no more spending every night alone and sexless. Nancy gets more than she bargained for when she's whisked away to a planet of Barbarians and claimed for a mate by an eight-foot tall shape-shifting predator.

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