book cover of Shana Mine / Stormwaters: Family Night

Shana Mine / Stormwaters: Family Night

An omnibus of novels by

Shana Mine:

Three years after a painful breakup, Shana Morgan's plan to move on with her life is derailed when her best friend convinces her to deliver a "Dear John" message. Her immediate and powerful attraction to the recipient - a handsome Native American hunk - stuns her. It also leaves her fearing her inability to resist him will threaten her relationship with her best friend.
Nine years younger, Taylor Raymond falls hard after viewing a picture of the attractive, full-figured Shana Morgan. Fate smiles on him when she unexpectedly shows up outside his office to jilt him for her friend. Before he can make the most of his good luck and claim her as his, he'll have to convince her a relationship with him won't be a betrayal of her friend.

Stormwaters: Family Night

The Stormwaters - a breed of socially responsible vampires.

While in reluctant attendance at a mandatory Family Night, new full-blood Liam Ravencroft Stormwater encounters a sexy plus-size woman whose interest in him does not extend beyond one very memorable night.
After her friends talk her into sharing a wild Girls' Night Out with them, Amanda Lyle is both shocked and excited to find herself surrounded by naked, well-hung men, all of whom just happen to be vampires. One of them will find allowing her to leave at the end of the night difficult.

Publisher's Note: Each book has been previously published.

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