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Marilyn Lee Omnibus I

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The Dare Accepting dares has always landed Kassidy Green in trouble - yet resisting one has always been nearly impossible. Months after her lover returns to his ex, she begins a sexually exciting cyber relationship with the lusty Jake, while wondering why she and hunky friend and coworker, Nick Hart aren't friends - with benefits. When Jake dares her to meet him for a night of real passion, she appeals to Nick to help her to resist. Tall, sexy, green-eyed Nick Hart is between lovers--while he waits for a sign that the luscious Kassidy has finally recovered from her unexpected break-up and is ready to take on a new lover. Him. His problem is? Kassidy thinks of him as a friend - minus any of the benefits he'd love to share with her. When she admits to uncertainly about spending the night with her cyber lover, Nick bites the bullet and urges her to spend the night with Jake. When she hesitates, he dares her. Unable to resist the double dare, Kassidy decides to accept one last dare with surprising results for her: Nick. And Jake. Naughty Girls, Inc - No Commitment Required Nila lost the love of her life when her fiance Mark was killed in a tragic accident. All she has left of Mark is the strange medallion he gave her and a need for physical intimacy with a man capable of helping her heal her broken heart. Mounting medical expenses for her parents' care have left her strapped for cash. Naughty Girls, Inc., an exclusive club that caters to wealthy men in search of meaningless flings seems to be the perfect solution. If she joins, she just might find a rich lover who'll satisfy her physical and financial need without risking her heart. Instead of the no commitment required arrangement she seeks, Nila finds herself torn between two handsome lovers. The handsome, wounded Josh in prepared to pay well to get her as his live-in lover. Her attraction to Josh is threatened when she meets Richard. One look into the eyes of Josh's tall, gorgeous companion and Nila's medallion pulses with an energy she hasn't experienced in years. Should she choose the emotionally battered Josh, whose sightless eyes stir her heart? Or should she choose Richard, whose every look, touch, and mannerism reminds her of lost love? Or dare she take a walk on the wild side and have them both?

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