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Dear Cari

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Dear Cari,
When I was twenty-seven, I realized I was in love with my younger sister's best friend. She was only seventeen at the time so I never confessed my feelings before she moved out of state to attend college. My plans to tell her how I felt after her graduation were ruined when she married her college sweetheart without returning home.
Ten years later, I'm still in love with her. I recently discovered that she's divorced and involved in an exclusive relationship. Should I allow her a chance to be happy with another man? Or should I risk ruining her relationship for my own selfish reasons?
Lonely and Love Starved in Chestnut Hill, Philly.
Advice columnist Tyler Morgan's (Dear Cari) world is upset when she receives the above letter because she suspects the writer is Jordan McGuire. In addition to being a high- profile defense attorney, Jordan is her best friend's older brother and the only man she's ever loved. She decides to return home to discover if Jordan McGuire is indeed Love Starved and if she's his lost love.

65,100 words

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