book cover of Chosen by Swift

Chosen by Swift

(The seventh book in the Grabbed series)
A novel by

Faced with the prospect of being sold in marriage to a vicious old man, Alys runs away to volunteer to be Grabbed. She’s spent her life preparing to be a wife and mother. Why not take her chances with a stranger who wants a family of his own?

Swift hasn’t always been a good man. He’s made mistakes, but he dedicated himself to his duty and to regaining his honor. When he sees the strong, dark-haired beauty with lush curves, Swift decides that’s the woman he wants. He chases, catches and collars Alys.

Alys thought she understood what being a wife was, but she quickly realizes that her lessons in running a household and raising children were woefully lacking. She knows nothing of the sensual and wicked delights Swift shows her. Guided by his skilled hand, she’s left breathless and fearing she may truly be wanton.

But their domestic bliss is threatened on all sides, and not only by the ongoing war with the Splinters.

When a mistake from Swift’s past endangers the fragile trust between the couple, Alys will have to decide how hard she’s willing to fight for her man—and whether Swift is worthy of her love.

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