book cover of Tiger Mate

Tiger Mate

A Novella by

Rookie journalist Viola Norris has been assigned a story about a mysterious introvert and enigmatic billionaire Derek Chandler. Her boss wants her to come back with something scandalous to either debunk or feed the rumors that swirl about what goes on inside Derek's fortress-like mansion on Bear Mountain.

As outlandish and silly as the rumors about slaves and tigers as pets really are, Viola is determined to get to the truth, even if she has to sneak her way into the mansion. But an unexpected blizzard and a careless driver send Viola careening off the mountain road.

Lucky for her, a gorgeous stranger named Rick saves her from becoming a human icicle and brings her to his cabin. This tall, dark, and handsome man wants her, and Viola can't seem to stop herself from giving in. But how did he carry her through a blizzard? And why does she ache so badly for the touch of a man she barely knows?

It's hard to think straight when one look from him makes you want to ditch your clothes...

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