book cover of Kidnapping Kara

Kidnapping Kara

A novel by

Kara Morgan - fiery, passionate, wild. But a drug addict? A stripper? Nearly a decade is plenty long enough to forget the wayward lover who ran out on him, but try as he might, Shaun Weston can't kick Kara from his mind. Now, just when his luck can't get any worse, her wealthy mother is waving a lot of money in his face and begging him to help save her daughter. To kidnap Kara. Shaun Weston - caring, good-hearted, determined. But reasonable? Or right about her? Not on his life. Taken by surprise - while completely naked - then bound, gagged and hauled away caveman style by the one man she's never stopped hurting for, Shaun is fit-to-be-tied angry... and maybe just a little turned-on. Okay, a lot turned-on. Who knew she had such a kinky side? Or that he did too? And why is he back in her life now, determined to "save" her? Someone sure has their share of explaining to do - but with passions running this hot, who has time for talking?

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