book cover of Prince and the Assassin

Prince and the Assassin

(The second book in the Shunga Chronicles series)
A novel by

Call me Midori.

I'm the last of my kin and bearer of the kitsune-bi, fox-fire eyes. As bearer of the mark, I was born to kill. In fact, I'm so good at killing, my overlord Buntaro entrusts me to spy and eliminate all his enemies. But all that changes when my master orders me to kill a man I nicknamed Gorgeous Cock. His irresistible charm causes me some wanton aches between my thighs, making it difficult for me to execute my duties.

It's hard to kill your enemy when you fall in love with him...

Author Note: This erotic tale contains graphic sex and light bondage.
Approximately 85 pages ~ 26,963 words


Four and a half tombs ~ Jennifer, Bitten By Books

Midori, a trained assassin, is the last of a line of those possessing the mark of the kitsune: wildly-colored eyes that change with emotion and a tendency towards craftiness and subtlety other humans can only dream of. She is, on the other hand, bound by a life-debt to Buntaro, her trainer and lord since she was a child. For years, she has served him well, but when he dispatches her to kill her own lover, Midori is torn between love and a duty she has never before questioned.
I really enjoyed this book. This is a genre and setting that seems to be rather unexplored, and the author does a great job with it. The character development is surprisingly strong, given the novella length, and the plot and action is never secondary to the erotic elements.

4 Blue Ribbons Rating ~ JT, ROMANCE JUNKIES
Singeing with scorching scenes between Midori and her gorgeous stranger, Lizzie Lynn Lee tells a captivating tale of a woman's struggle between her obligations and the yearnings of her soul as the world around her is plunged into a power struggle between the ruling parties. Sketched in the erotic sensual style of Shunga, the PRINCE AND THE ASSASSIN is definitely a must read for fans of all things Japanese who love their romance with a lot of spice! Though this is the second book of Lizzie's SHUNGA CHRONICLES, it can definitely be enjoyed as a standalone, though be forwarned that one is never enough!

Readers are transported to another place and time in Prince and the Assassin. Descriptive language, a different world, and a lost piece of an ancient culture is told in this well written tale of love. Prince and the Assassin showcases sensual lovemaking, lush word usage, and a unique understanding of this fantasy. This is a special tale of devotion, honor, and romance. Prince and the Assassin is both imaginative and entertaining.

Lizzie Lynn Lee has put together a story that keeps you captivated and never quite sure what will happen next. The way the story starts really makes a big impact. The way it continues to flow is very well done. It is quick paced. Just the right amount of action mixed with sex, betrayal, disappointment, humor, elation, and mind blowing orgasms.

Shunga Chronicles: Prince and the Assassin is the second episode in the Japanese erotica series. Born with the natural skills of stealth, Midori is trained from a child to be an executioner. In a country split into three tumultuous domains, Midori's master delegates her to exterminate his rivals. Lizzie Lynn Lee has created another moving tale of characters torn between love and their sense of duty. The plot is interesting and the interwoven cultural fable is enjoyable.

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