book cover of Naughty Boys

Naughty Boys

A Novella by

Lusciously curvy Simone Marsh finally calls it quits when she catches her cheating husband Sam in flagrante delicto. When her control-freak ex leaves her financially constrained, Simone has to return to her hometown and take a job as a housekeeper for three brothers she used to babysit.

She's surprised to find the Codys have all grown into handsome young men. Luke Cody, the former Special Forces soldier, has become the sheriff, Nate Cody, a high-rolling Wall Street day trader, has become a reclusive Internet multimillionaire, and the youngest, Jamie Cody, a former Air Force interpreter and now infamous Bellwood heart-breaker, is still harboring a childhood crush for Simone.

Simone's headaches multiply when Jamie uses Simone's problems to lure her into bed. Simone thinks she can manage the situation, but with Nate and Luke squeezing into the picture, it's a love rectangle you'll never see in any geometry book. Oh, the delicious possibilities! What's a girl to do?

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