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Kidnapped and Claimed

A Novella by

In the heart of the forbidden forest of Emagari, your deepest, most wicked desires could come true...

Elyra of Dorknar runs away from her impending demise. Pawned for her brother's political ambition, she was forced to marry an older duke. On the eve of their wedding, the duke suddenly dies. According to the Elven tradition, Elyra is to be burned alive with her husband's body in a ceremonial pyre to accompany him in Paradise.

With the hunters on her tail, Elyra has no choice but to hide in the forbidden forest. She thought she'd be safe. But in Emagari, legend has it that the shapeshifting, half-man-half-beast Khimerian, centaurs, rule the forest.

Elyra doesn't think the legend is true until she's spotted and kidnapped by two gorgeous Khimerian warriors who are hell-bent on claiming her as their mate. Even if it means they will have to seduce the virgin she-elf and introduce her to an array of forbidden pleasures...

Mature Audiences | Previously Published

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